One question that frequently comes up is about the weather in our area. Well, you’ll find the current forecast for our area in the footer of this page. The readings are taken from Gourdon, our nearest weather station, located approximately 13km away as the crow flies. Gourdon sits amidst the higher points of the Lot, near the Massif Centrale, which means it tends to have colder winter temperatures compared to other parts of the region. Interestingly, our area boasts numerous micro-climates, resulting in varying weather conditions from one valley to another. Just like in the UK, it’s common to find different forecasts from three different weather services, so sometimes sticking your head out the window is the most reliable way to gauge the weather. Take this forecast with a grain of salt.

On the bright side, we are fortunate to enjoy significantly more sunshine and higher temperatures than our friends in the UK. When the sun shines, the air warms up swiftly, creating opportunities for outdoor dining during times of the year when the UK is still experiencing frost. On the flip side, our minimum temperatures can drop much lower than in the UK. However, these cold spells are typically dry and, when accompanied by sunshine, quite delightful. Locals often claim that snow is a rarity here, although we remain skeptical. Almost every year since our arrival, we’ve witnessed snowfall and found ourselves snowed in, unable to move the car for several days. Nevertheless, the snow doesn’t linger for long, so if you’re a snow enthusiast, you must seize the moment to fully relish it.